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    30th July 2018

    Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 2]

    30th July 2018

    Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 2]

    Image courtesy of designbridge.com

    In the second part of our case study on Fortnum & Mason, we’re going to explain what the company asked for and how we turned around their requests in record time.

    To learn more about the history of Fortnum & Mason, you can read Part 1 of this case study here.

    The Brief

    Fortnum & Mason have been existing clients for sometime, but they came to us recently with a request to design a new hat box.

    The requirements were that the box must be in a pop-up style, easy to assemble and convenient to stack. This meant that we had to design a box that was not only appealing to the eye and consistent with Fortnum’s brand image, but also one that was incredibly functional.

    After some discussion regarding the style of design, including Fortnum sending over images of similar designs online, our design team got to work to create the perfect pop-up hat box.

    The Process

    Our design team modelled the new design in different ways and sent over a simple and plain concept to Fortum for approval.

    It was important to us to incorporate the high quality, luxury feel of the brand into the design.

    This meant that we considered the shape and components of the packaging carefully as we were well aware that the box packaging would be the first thing customers see when purchasing their hat.

    The Design

    The colour choice was simple as this had to be consistent with the famous Fortnum blue that is used across all of the company’s products.

    We designed the box in a hexagonal style as this would house most shape of hats effectively offering a good level of protection.

    Moreover, the addition of canvas handles to each side of the box were included to add a level of texture and quality as well as practicality in helping users hold the box.

    To see the end product and find out what Fortnum & Mason thought about our design, stay tuned for our next blog post.

    27th July 2018

    Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 1]

    27th July 2018

    Fortnum & Mason: Case study [Part 1]

    Image courtesy of retail gazette.co.uk

    Pop Up Hat Boxes

    We’ve been fortunate over our 30+ years of operating to have worked with a number of amazing international brands.

    We’ve designed and manufactured everything from simple corrugated sheets to intricate product packaging that’s been featured in shops around the world.

    When we were approached by a current client to manufacture a new style of packaging, we jumped at the opportunity to produce a unique, brand specific design that would be functional yet appealing to the eye.

    Who are Fortnum & Mason?

    Fortnum & Mason are a household name.

    Originally starting as a grocery store in the now upmarket Piccadilly area in London, the company grew into becoming a luxury department store and online retailer.

    Founded in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason, the company built a strong reputation based on delivering luxury items in an elegant environment.

    Today, Fortnum & Mason are famous for a number of key things.

    They have a hugely popular mechanical clock that sits on the main facade of their HQ in Piccadilly. The clock chimes on the hour every hour and has two model men, who represent the two founders in traditional dress, that roll out and bow to each other.

    Clock at F&M

    Image courtesy of fortnumandmason.com

    The company is also famous for claiming to have invented the Scotch egg.

    Inventing and creating new products has remained at the core of the business’ success, which has led their efforts in innovating new concepts like the Fortnum’s London Dry Gin.

    Fortnum was also one of the first stockists of tinned baked beans in the UK, back in 1886. This is a testament to how much the company has influenced British culture over the years and continues to do so to this day.

    Stayed tuned to find out how we turned around a new packaging concept within a week for one of the UK’s most famous brands in Part 2 of our Fortnum & Mason Case Study.

    If you’re looking for a bespoke cardboard design and manufacturing service, email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

    26th July 2018

    What is Google Cardboard?

    26th July 2018

    What is Google Cardboard?

    Image courtesy of vr.google.com.

    Well, it seems like Google have jumped on the cardboard bandwagon and incorporated it into their newest product offering.

    Google Cardboard is simply a cardboard box with two eyepieces that is used to house your phone.

    The idea is that once your phone is slotted into the cardboard box, you look through the eyepiece so that you can immerse yourself fully in the app or video that is being played.

    The Google Cardboard viewing pieces seem somewhat primitive yet they’re being used as part of the wave of new VR technologies that are hitting the market.

    How does it work?

    According to the Google VR website , you can choose from a number of cardboard products or make your own.

    The image below is provided by Google to show how simple it is to construct your personal VR headset for free:

    Google headset

    Image courtesy of vr.google.com

    The selection of Google cardboard viewers ranges from simple cardboard box designs to elaborate leather and plastic options.

    The basic range of cardboard boxes start at around £11.50, but you can choose to go for a more elaborate design which could cost you upwards of £50.

    The Google Cardboard Ecosystem

    The Google Cardboard Ecosystem is a network of apps, videos and games that have all been designed to be used with a Google Cardboard Viewer.

    They offer immersive VR experiences that can be enjoyed anywhere on the go.

    Despite the fun of using a Google Cardboard headset, as you can imagine there are a few down sides.

    Pressing cardboard against your head for a long period of time can cause discomfort. Moreover, users have complained recently that the images that have been designed are too blurry to be enjoyed.

    As with any new technology, there will be a period of adaption and adjustment as users test out the new product.

    If you are looking to create a bespoke cardboard packaging product in the UK, please contact our sales team at sales@capscases.co.uk

    25th July 2018

    How to Design a Cardboard Box

    25th July 2018

    How to Design a Cardboard Box

    Designing the perfect cardboard box for your product may seem simple, but there are a lot of things to consider before choosing a design.


    Does your box need to be cubic or does it need to be a specific shape?

    Will it need windows to display your product?

    What kind of board will you use?

    Asking yourself these relevant questions to start with will help you conceptualise what you are looking to create.

    Some products work well being completely encased by cardboard packaging, whereas others benefit greatly from being displayed through windows.

    Look at how wonderful this product looks below and how the packaging incorporates windows to display the contents:

    Creative cardboard

    Image courtesy of behance.com


    It goes without saying that you will have to have the correct sized cardboard box to match your product.

    This means measuring for the length, width and height of your box as well as taking into consideration any additional protective packaging you may need to have inside.


    Having a print design ready will also be key in designing the perfect cardboard box.

    You will have to decide on what colours and graphics you will use as well as getting advice on what the best printing method is. Many corrugated cardboard boxes are printed onto digitally nowadays, which means almost anything can be printed within reason.

    Corrugated cardboard is a great option to consider when designing packaging for your product. It is incredibly versatile, strong, economical and often always recyclable. It can provide amazing support and protection for your products yet is light and packable making it easy to transport.

    We have designed and manufactured tens of millions of cardboard boxes here at Caps Cases. For more information on how we can help design you perfect packaging, please do email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

    24th July 2018

    You thought the Cambridge cardboard boat race was crazy?

    24th July 2018

    You thought the Cambridge cardboard boat race was crazy?

    Image courtesy of xinhuanet.com

    Following on from our recent article about the Cambridge end of exams cardboard boat race that takes place every year, we thought we’d be hard pressed to find any similarly crazy cardboard stories for a while.

    However, after some time spent reading up on cardboard news online (yes, we love cardboard that much), we stumbled across the Con Edison Cardboard Kayak Race that takes place on the 14th of July every year in New York.

    Taking place at the Seaport District in Lower Manhattan,where the course de cardboard starts, the city municipality opens up the Brooklyn Bridge Beach in a bid to unlock access to the waterfront for the general public to enjoy.

    15 teams are drawn from local companies, schools, nonprofits and community groups who then compete in the cardboard kayak race come rain, hail or shine.

    They are all given 10 sheets of corrugated cardboard, 10 rolls of clear waterproof packing tape, 3 rolls of gaffer tape and cutting implements all to be used to create their cardboard kayaks from scratch.

    The race forms a key element of the City of Water Day Festival, which is a one day event that has been designed to encourage New York City residents to get involved in activities based in or on the water.

    There is live music, boat tours, food vendors and activities for kids as well as discounted access to the South Street Seaport Museum.

    As you can imagine, the day is full of fun and laughs. The success of the cardboard kayaks depends on how well they are made, however most do sink.

    You can read more about the New York cardboard boat race here and here.

    If you are interested in discussing how we can service your cardboard requirements, then please do get in touch with our dedicated team at sales@capscases.co.uk.

    23rd July 2018

    2 Ways the UK are Attacking the Global Plastic Crisis

    23rd July 2018

    2 Ways the UK are Attacking the Global Plastic Crisis

    Image courtesy of independent.co.uk

    We’ve talked a bit about the global plastic crisis at Caps Cases over our last few blog posts. It’s an important issue we want to address as we continue to provide an environmentally friendly method of packaging for our clients.

    Disposable plastic use not only results in tonnes of plastic waste being deposited around the world, it also has secondary toxic effects on wildlife and natural habitats.

    Plastic in the ocean is definitely an eyesore, but worst yet, fish and sea creatures often perceive pieces of plastic as being food and subsequently ingest harmful waste.

    This is leading to the decline of sea creatures such as sea turtles and it is estimated that over 100 million marine animals are killed every year due to plastic debris.

    The UK, although not yet perfect in recycling plastic is doing number of things to limit the damage. Check these out below:

    1. Banned microplastics in cosmetics

    In the summer of July 2017, the UK banned the use of microbeads in wash-off cosmetics in an attempt to significantly reduce the number of microplastics entering the world’s oceans. Although the ban does not include other cosmetics such as makeup and suncream, despite restrictions being called for by campaigners, it is a great starting point to help diminish the damaging effects of micro plastics in the sea.

    2. Ban on Plastic Bags

    In 2015, the UK Government passed a law stating that all large shops in England are required to charge 5p for single-use plastic carrier bags, in an attempt to reduce plastic waste and encourage people to reuse bags.

    In 2014 alone, over 7.6 billion single-use plastic bags were given to customers by major supermarkets in England. In 2018, it seems the effects of the ban are working.

    There has been an 80% drop in the use of plastic bags across England and a sharp decline in the percentage of plastic bags being captured by fishing nets trawling the sea floor around the UK.

    The UK continues to sanction businesses that promote the use of single-use plastic at the same time as promoting recycling and plastic reuse.

    It is important that we are intentional in our actions to protect the environment and that we do everything we can to reduce harmful plastics from entering the natural world.

    We take protecting the environment very seriously here at Caps Cases. For more information on what we do, please email us at sales@capscases.co.uk

    19th July 2018

    Plastic Free July: everything you need to know

    19th July 2018

    Plastic Free July: everything you need to know

    What is it?

    According to plasticfreejuly.org, Plastic Free July is a registered charity with the goal of building a global movement that reduces plastic use worldwide and improves recycling.

    It was an idea conceived out of western Australia in 2011 and has now grown into a movement of millions of participants across 150+ countries worldwide.

    What does it mean?

    Plastic Free July is all about reducing disposable plastic waste and promoting better recycling.

    It encourages participants to go the whole of July, every year, without using disposal plastic.

    In doing so, it raises awareness of the problems caused by plastic throughout the world and hopes to create a change in peoples’ mindset when it comes to using disposable goods.

    What’s the challenge?

    You can sign up for the Plastic Free July Challenge here.

    Participants must select how long you aim to go plastic free, which can be from anywhere between 1 day to the whole of July.

    The charity suggests 3 options for reducing your plastic waste during the challenge: 1. Avoid single use plastic

    2. Target takeaway items such as bags and straws

    3. Go completely plastic free

    How do I find out more?

    You can learn more about the plastic free July challenge here.

    Or you can follow the plastic free July movement on all social media including Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

    Let us know what you think about the Plastic Free July Challenge, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

    At Caps Cases, we pride ourselves on being a manufacturer in an industry with one of the highest recycling rates of any other packaging industry in the UK.

    We notice how damaging disposable plastic is to the environment and love offering an alternative, environmentally friendly solution to thousands of clients’ packaging needs.

    20th July 2018

    Let’s Recycle Like Norway: an unbelievable success

    20th July 2018

    Let’s Recycle Like Norway: an unbelievable success

    What’s the Problem?

    It is common knowledge that the use of disposable plastic is damaging the environment. But what damage is it doing exactly?

    Well, according to this news article, it is estimated that there are 500 times more pieces of micro plastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy.

    Moreover, it is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

    It’s a horrible thought to think that despite it’s convenience, our prolific use of plastic over the years has now got to the point that the damage to our environment is almost irreparable.

    Despite our recycling efforts in recent years, it is said that 79% of plastic produced over the last 70 years has been thrown away. That means straight to landfill or worse, the general environment.

    Check out the picture below of Henderson Island. Once an unheard of remote island, totally uninhabited save for now having the highest concentration of plastic pollution in the world.

    Henderson Island Picture

    Image courtesy of theguardian.com

    Can Norway Save the World?

    Norway have a number of systems in place to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic. Not least are there government incentives in place, but there is a strong culture revolving around recycling.

    Amazingly, Norway has a recycling rate of 97% for plastic bottles.

    This means that out of all plastic bottles that are used, 97% are recycled and 92% are recycled to such a high standard that they are turned back into drinks bottles.

    This is due in part to companies like Infinitum, who run plastic bottle deposit schemes where recyclers get paid approximately 10 to 25p for returning used plastic bottles.

    In addition, the government has placed a tax on all manufacturers of plastic bottles and rewards companies that recycle with tax breaks, depending on their level of commitment.

    Norway’s recycling success is setting the precedent for global change. You can read more about how the UK is following similar schemes in our next blog post.

    For more information about how we can help bring you cardboard packaging ideas to life, get in touch with our sales team at sales@capscases.co.uk.

    18th July 2018

    3 Extremely Attractive Packaging Designs

    18th July 2018

    3 Extremely Attractive Packaging Designs

    Companies are increasingly choosing to design more creative and aesthetically pleasing packaging in a push to garner more consumer attention.

    When you walk the isles of a supermarket, what usually are the things you impulse buy?

    Well, it turns out that often it’s the items with the most distinct packaging that capture our attention and compel us to buy.

    Check out some of the attractive packaging designs below and let us know what you think by messaging us on Facebook.

    Carbon Dater Box 

    Image above courtesy of srulirecht.com

    Sruli Recht is an Israeli designer based in Iceland who’s known for his use of indigenous, unconventional and new materials.

    His work blurs the line between art, design and fashion, which has led to his work coming under fire on numerous occasions due to its controversial nature.

    In this example, Sruli has created an attractive packaging design by combining charred corrugated cardboard and plywood. The packaging is used to house a glass writing utensil that is sold via the Sruli Recht online store.


    Cool packaging

    Image courtesy of behance.net

    In this example, designer Billy Fasig was tasked with creating an attractive packaging design for the fictional company Nutcase.

    Wanting to keep the theme  simple yet functional, Billy opted to layer sheets of single board corrugated cardboard on top of each other to house glass jars that held nuts.

    Sticking the boards together with adhesive and cutting out different shapes for the jars, meant that he could emphasise the chaotic image of the Nutcase brand.

    Fixit Toolbox

    Cardboard box design

    Image courtesy of behance.com

    Finnish designer, Anu Nokua, came up with the idea to create a toolbox out of corrugated cardboard when trying to enter the Pack to the Future competition, held by SCA Packaging in Finland.

    Tasked with designing cardboard packaging for a new target that was a better solution to an old product, she chose to create a toolbox out of cardboard to be used by young adults.

    She used corrugated cardboard inserts for each internal section and printed a simple yet attractive design on the external sheet.

    Cardboard box

    Image courtesy of behance.com

    For more information on how we can bring your creative packaging designs to life, email us at sales@capscases.co.uk


    17th July 2018

    A Family Story

    17th July 2018

    A Family Story

    What does ‘CAPS’ Cases mean?

    At Caps Cases, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are one of the UK’s largest multi-site manufacturers of corrugated cardboard.

    With our HQ in Newmarket and another manufacturing site in Glasgow, we are proud to have delivered over 6.9 million boxes in 2017 alone as well as cover 312,000 miles around the UK delivering to our loyal customers.

    However, the thing that makes us feel most proud is that Caps Cases is a family business and still remains one today.

    It’s all in the name

    Our chairman, Charlie Bissett, established Caps Cases out of a small 5,000 SF warehouse unit in Newmarket during the early 1980s.

    From humble beginnings, Caps Cases went on to explore packaging niches, which saw the business grow year on year.

    Family is so engrained in Caps Cases that the choice of the name ‘Caps’ comes from combining the first letters of our founder’s names and their wives – Charlie, Angela, Pete and Sue.

    A well oiled machine

    We’ve continually pushed the boundaries in terms of innovation and growth.

    This has led us to patent our own archive box design (the Klikstor) as well as us acquiring many other small manufacturing units in the UK over the years.

    A Family Workforce

    Life at Caps Cases is good.

    We aim to provide the best service to our clients and an amazing working environment to our staff. To this day, much of our workforce has been here for over 15 years.

    Not only that, we still have 4 of the original 6 family members of staff working for us today!

    What are your needs?

    We’re able to offer a range of services here at Caps Cases.

    Whether it’s producing die cut boxes, bespoke POS displays, ecommerce packaging or any other cardboard product you may need.

    Get in touch with our sales team for more info: sales@capscases.co.uk

    16th July 2018

    The Amazing Story of the Cardboard Pizza Box

    16th July 2018

    The Amazing Story of the Cardboard Pizza Box

    Why are cardboard boxes used for Pizza?

    Did you know that the modern corrugated pizza box was designed by non other than the pizza empire King and founder of Dominos, Tom Monaghan?

    As pizza grew in popularity during the 1800s in sunny Naples, Italy, bakers had only one option when offering pizza as a take out. They would slide the hot, doughy meal into metal containers known as stufas, which were then taken out by young staff to be sold on the streets.

    But this posed a big problem when the consumers demanded that pizza be delivered directly to their doorsteps. Transporting a pizza in a metal container, to be sold one at a time was a different process to delivering millions across an area at the same time.

    Italian pizza box

    Image courtesy of ofcourseitalian.com

    During the post-war pizza boom in the United States, bakers would use old, floppy cardboard packaging for pizza deliveries. The problem was, this old style of cardboard packaging absorbed too much oil, couldn’t retain its shape and often broke through the white paper bags the pizza was delivered in.

    In 1960, to counteract this problem, the founder of Dominos designed the first corrugated pizza box. These boxes were flat packed, foldable and could be stacked with ease. They offered a layer of support that the old style boxes didn’t, thus preserving the form and quality of the pizza inside.

    Nowadays, Dominos have continued to advance their pizza box technology. You can usually find a plastic tripod in the centre of the box, which is used to avoid the cardboard from touching the face.

    Moreover, there is also a cut out hole that houses a variety of dips. From humble beginnings, the pizza box may not look like it has changed much but behind the scenes, modern corrugated boxes are far more functional than their predecessors.

    We produce all kinds of corrugated cardboard products at Caps Cases. Whether it’s consulting on the design, printing or manufacturing, we can help you create your ideal packaging.

    Call us on 01638 667326 to find out more.

    13th July 2018

    5 of the most common questions asked about cardboard

    13th July 2018

    5 of the most common questions asked about cardboard

    Will a cardboard box decompose?

    Cardboard will eventually decompose, but it depends on how tightly the sheets are packed together. In the case of ‘mulch’ being used in a home garden, where cardboard is ripped into shreds and soaked in water and put on flower beds, it can take up to 3 months for it to be decomposed by microorganisms.

    Can I put cardboard in the microwave?

    We recommend that you never put any flammable material near an extreme source of heat or open flame. Cardboard is no different. You should only ever put dishes and utensils in the microwave if they have been labelled as microwave safe.

    Is cardboard bad for rabbits?

    Rabbit in a box

    Image courtesy of myhouserabbit.com

    Due to its cellulose content, rabbits often like to eat cardboard as it somewhat mimics the nutritional contents of the leaves and vegetables they eat in their natural environment. Giving small pieces of cardboard to your rabbit can be a great way for them to tear, shred and play, which helps with feelings on isolation and boredom if you’re not able to give them much attention in the day.

    Rabbit owners must make sure that your pet doesn’t consume too much cardboard, as this will be harmful. Moreover, it’s always best to give your rabbit plain cardboard as opposed to products that have been heavily printed on.

    Who invented the cardboard box?

    Cardboard has been around for years, the first sheets of which are said to have dated back to 17th Century China. However, the modern day cardboard box as we know it has only been around since  1890, when inventor Robert Gair started producing flat pieces of cardboard sheet that where manufactured in bulk and could be folded into boxes.

    Does cardboard float?

    Cardboard floating

    Image courtesy of: khmer440.com

    Cardboard is a porous material, which means when it is subjected to wet conditions it will slowly absorb liquid. Often times, cardboard may float for an initial period but once it absorbs too much, it’s density will increase above that of water’s, thus making it sink.

    We hope you enjoyed learning about the most commonly asked cardboard questions. If you are looking to design and produce new cardboard packaging, make sure you get in touch with our sales team at sales@capscases.co.uk.

    12th July 2018

    The Weird & Wonderful Cardboard Box Boat Race in Cambridge

    12th July 2018

    The Weird & Wonderful Cardboard Box Boat Race in Cambridge

    Image courtesy of chinadaily.com

    Every year, Cambridge University students descend on the River Cam armed with makeshift paddles and cardboard boats. It is a weird and whacky event that comes after weeks of preparation and team work, culminating in a day of celebrations on the river.

    Cardboard boat race

    Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

    The Cambridge cardboard box boat race day is marked in the calendar as the official celebration of the exam period finishing. Although students often create wonderfully intricate cardboard box boat designs, it is known by all that the day mostly comprises of drinking and celebrating.

    During the most recent cardboard box boat race in June 2018, some students created designs that incorporated bicycle powered motors, umbrellas to capitalise on the wind as well as one vessel managing to carry 15 people.

    The students set out from Jesus Green in an attempt to paddle to Magdelene Bridge, however most of the vessels sink leaving them in the cold and wet.

    Would we recommend building a boat out of cardboard? The answer is an obvious no. However, the Cambridge cardboard box boat race goes to show how versatile a material corrugated cardboard is.

    Due to it’s light weight, flexibility and strength, corrugated cardboard is the perfect material to be used for a range of purposes. Whether you’re packing up household goods, shipping products across the world or building DIY storage shelves, corrugated cardboard is a great option to consider.

    Cambridge boat race

    Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

    Although most of the students vessels sank due to water saturation, nowadays a lot of corrugated cardboard boxes can be made with a weatherproof sealant. This preserves all of the advantageous qualities of cardboard whilst reducing the risk of the boxes being affected by wet conditions.

    We have a wide range of products and services at Caps Cases. Make sure you visit our product page  to see how we can help.

    11th July 2018

    Corrugated Cardboard: advantages & disadvantages

    11th July 2018

    Corrugated Cardboard: advantages & disadvantages

    At Caps Cases we’re biased. We love corrugated cardboard and think it’s the best packaging material there is. There’s no disadvantages of using corrugated cardboard, are there?

    Well, there may be a few downsides but first, lets look at why corrugated cardboard is so amazing!

    It’s strong

    Cardboard sheets

    Corrugated cardboard can sustain approximately 13 kgs of pressure per square inch, making it a great protective packaging solution for many different items.

    It’s light

    Due to the airflow that passes through the sheets that make up corrugated cardboard, it is incredibly light.

    It’s recyclable

    The corrugated cardboard industry in the UK has one of the highest recycling rates out of all other packaging industries. In fact, approximately 70-90% of corrugated boxes in the UK are made from recycled cardboard.

    Although corrugated cardboard has many strengths, it also has a few weaknesses.

    It’s not weatherproof

    Wet cardboard box

    Image courtesy of naldzgraphics.net

    Although some cardboard boxes can be coated with weatherproof sealant, most traditional boxes will suffer when subjected to extremely wet conditions or saturation from other liquids.

    It’s shape

    As corrugated cardboard has a layered structure, it can be difficult to cut any sort of complex or curved shape that will look clean and professional. This is because the inner layer will often show on the edge of the cut.

    It’s appearance

    Corrugated cardboard’s appearance can often be less desirable than other packaging materials. Although a lot can be done nowadays to print high quality and interesting designs, corrugated cardboard still in general has a slightly rough and rigid appearance.

    At Caps Cases we’ve spent many years delivering exceptional corrugated cardboard packaging to a wide range of clients. Despite the pros and cons of corrugated cardboard, we have the experience required to bring your packaging ideas to life.

    For more information please email our sales team at sales@capscases.co.uk.

    10th July 2018

    Cardboard: 5 Surprising Facts

    10th July 2018

    Cardboard: 5 Surprising Facts

    It is a common known fact that corrugated cardboard is used for a large proportion of the world’s packaging needs for a variety of products and items.

    It’s versatility and flexibility offers great protection and it doubles up as an advertising and branding opportunity, as almost anything these days can be printed onto cardboard sheets.

    However, there are a number of amazing facts that the general population may not be so aware of.

    Check out some of the weird and wonderful truths below and let us know what you think about them by getting in touch with our team at sales@capscases.co.uk.

    1. 5 billion boxes used in the UK per year – that equates to almost 83 boxes per year that are being used!
    2. 13,000 separate pieces of cardboard are thrown away every year – the average household throws out mostly cardboard food packaging and retail items. This equates to almost 1,100 separate pieces per household every month.
    3. 17th Century China – the first reports of cardboard being used date back almost 400 years when thick pieces of layered paper were discovered as being used for packaging items.
    4. 80% recycled – almost 80% of cardboard used in the UK is recycled. It is often reused, composted or incinerated as well.
    5. 75% less energy – recycling corrugated cardboard takes only 75% of the energy required to make new cardboard. The UK, in fact, has one of the highest recycling rates for cardboard, which saves us on average 2 million tonnes of waste from entering landfill every year.

    At Caps Cases, we take our responsibility of preserving the environment very seriously. That’s why a lot of our products are made from recycled cardboard. We also recognise the importance of protecting the environment and we are fully committed to complying with the Environmental Protection Act 1990 requirements and EU Regulation 995/2010.

    9th July 2018

    3 Creative Uses for Cardboard Boxes

    9th July 2018

    3 Creative Uses for Cardboard Boxes

    Cardboard is a wonderful material. At Caps Cases, we make cardboard boxes everyday and love it so much that we produced over 6.9 million boxes in 2017 alone!

    Although cardboard is a great packaging solution for many different goods, there are also a number of weird and wonderful ways that cardboard boxes can be reused.

    We love the environment here at Caps Cases. Over 80% of corrugated cardboard boxes in the UK are recycled and that’s why we are proud to be a part of an industry that has the best recycling rate out of all packaging materials.

    When you’ve finished with your cardboard boxes, why not try out some of the ideas below?


    Cardboard Box Planter

    Cardboard box planter

    Image courtesy of themicrogardener.com

    Cardboard is a great material to be used for housing different kinds of plants. The shape of cardboard boxes allows for routine planting but be sure to tape up all seems to add an extra level of strength.

    Sometimes it also helps to line the box with a hessian or environmentally friendly bag, that can have holes poked through to allow for excess water drainage. As the season draws to a close, you can use newly recycled cardboard boxes to replace the old ones, if they have weathered and lost strength.

    Awesome Cardboard Maze

    Cardboard box maze

    Image courtesy of imgur.com

    If you have recently moved home and seem to have an oversupply of empty cardboard boxes, why not rally the kids on a rainy weekend to build a cardboard box maze? This is a great way to turn a functional item into something fun, plus it gets the kids to use the creative part of their brains.

    Creative Storage

    Cardboard box shelves

    Image courtesy of pinterest.com

    Cardboard boxes offer a great way to create alternative storage solutions. They are sturdy and can be stacked, which can be incredibly useful for holding and organising a variety of household items. All it takes is a bit of creativity and the possibilities are endless!

    We love to make cardboard boxes at Caps Cases. With our HQ based in Newmarket, we are well equipped and have a dedicated team that can accommodate your packaging needs.

    Do get in touch with us at sales@capscases.co.uk for more information.


    6th July 2018

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    6th July 2018

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    5th July 2018

    3 wonderfully creative packaging ideas

    5th July 2018

    3 wonderfully creative packaging ideas

    Choosing the right way to package your product is paramount in keeping it safe and sound during transit. But, having packaging that is unique and creative will help differentiate your product and make it stand out against the competition.

    The beauty of corrugated cardboard is that it can be cut, shaped and bent into a variety of forms to match many different requirements. Combining a great cardboard box design with creative packaging is a sure fire way to stand out amongst the crowd!

    New York City Spaghetti

    Spaghetti box

    Image courtesy of neatorama.com

    A student from the University of Central Lancashire came up with this amazing idea of creative packaging for a class assignment. Tasked with designing creative packaging for a choice of one of five items, including eggs and custard powder, Alex Creamer brought his friends together to think of ideas. Based on the Chrysler Building in New York City, Alex sketched up the designs on CAD and modelled tested them on high density foam in order to bring his design to life.

    Ford Ranger Extreme Matchbox

    Cardboard creative packaging

    Image courtesy of adbranch.com

    Ford came up with this stunning creative packaging design in 2006 when they asked designer, J. Walter Thomson to come up with an idea that featured the car’s extendable cargo bed. Coming up with a range of ideas and realising that many potential Ford Ranger owners come from blue collar industries, they decided on using matches and thus designed a creative cardboard box to fit.

    Whitebites Dog Snacks

    Creative cardboard design

    Image courtesy of thepackaginginsider.com

    This hilariously creative packaging was designed by Cecilia Uhr after realising that most rawhide dog treats had boring packaging that all looked the same. Not only that, Cecilia realised that most rawhide chewing snacks came in plastic packaging and keen to protect the environment, she knew there was another way. The rawhide snacks are displayed and double up as the dog’s teeth. The left ear opens up to release the snacks and and the boxes come in different sizes denoted by the breed of dog on the packaging.

    We hope you enjoyed these creative packaging ideas. No matter what your requirement, Caps Cases design consultants can advise and manufacture a range of creative packaging designs. For more information, email our sales team at sales@capscases.co.uk or call us on 01638 667326.

    4th July 2018

    How to choose the best corrugated box size

    4th July 2018

    How to choose the best corrugated box size

    Choosing the right corrugated box size is paramount when deciding how to safely package and deliver your products.

    Measuring your Products

    Cardboard box

    Image courtesy of propackaging.co.uk

    When choosing the right corrugated box size, you must measure all the dimensions of your product and add an extra margin that will accommodate for protective wrapping.

    This means that you will have to measure the length, width and height of your product, which should fit snuggly into the corrugated box. This will help to avoid unnecessary movement and prevent your product from getting damaged, which can happen if your corrugated box is too big.

    What box strength do I need?

    Corrugated cardboard

    Image courtesy of packsize.com

    Corrugated cardboard boxes can be made to varying degrees of strength. The strength of a corrugated box is determined by the number of walls in each corrugated cardboard sheet.

    Single faced corrugated cardboard is the weakest form of cardboard sheet. For transporting valuable products, it is not a viable option to use a corrugated box that’s made out of single faced sheets.

    Single walled corrugated sheets are the next step up in strength. For more information on how corrugated cardboard is made, read our ‘What is Corrugated Cardboard’ blog post.

    One of the best options for choosing the right corrugated box is to opt for double walled cardboard. Double walled cardboard has two layers of corrugated sheets, which offer a good level of protection yet are lightweight and flexible enough to satisfy a number of requirements.

    If your products are very valuable, you could even use triple walled corrugated sheets or speak to a manufacturer, like us here at Caps Cases, to see how they can develop a unique design to match your needs.

    We are more than happy to create bespoke products and offer a consultative approach to helping our customers achieve their packaging goals.

    Call us on 01638 667326 for more information or email us at sales@capscases.co.uk to find out more.

    3rd July 2018

    Boxes & Shipping Supplies: everything you need to know

    3rd July 2018

    Boxes & Shipping Supplies: everything you need to know

    What are the best boxes for shipping?

    Whether you are shipping products, personal belongings or your grandmother’s favourite china, having a sturdy, protective packaging solution is paramount when shipping anything big or small.

    Due to it’s internal structure, corrugated cardboard can offer a level of flexibility, strength and lightness that competes well above most other packaging solutions.

    At Caps Cases, we provide a range of corrugated cardboard box products for a variety of needs.

    We can manufacture wardrobe cartons, pallet boxes, drinks packaging, die-cut boxes and many more boxes and shipping solutions. We’re the largest sheet cardboard manufacturer in the UK and have years of experience in helping our customers achieve their cardboard packaging goals.

    We manufacture millions of boxes per year and can deliver them throughout the UK and EU.

    We like to innovate!

    Archive box

    Klickstor archive box

    We love developing new technologies so much that we patented our own archive box design, named the ‘Klikstor’.

    Rolled out to 100s of clients across the world including top, international universities, our Klikstor archive boxes provide excellent protection to important documents and can be easily stacked or sorted.

    Most cardboard boxes take at least 15 seconds to erect, which can slow down production time dramatically. Our patented Klikstor archive boxes, however, can be put together in an instant.

    They are stronger in design, as we use double cardboard sheets for all four walls as well as being collapsable, reusable and recyclable.

    We have a wide range of archive boxes for sale, all of which can be uniquely created. We can develop bespoke designs too and pride ourselves on our ability to bring your packaging ideas to life.

    We are always happy to discuss your needs, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team at sales@capscases.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you!

    2nd July 2018

    The Best Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers

    2nd July 2018

    The Best Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers

    How to find a good cardboard manufacturer

    Corrugated cardboard is an incredibly versatile material that is used to provide almost 80% of all product packaging in the EU and USA.

    Whether you run a small business, ecommerce brand or are a larger retailer, it is important to find a good company who can cater to all of your needs.

    At Caps Cases, we pride ourselves on our consultative and caring approach. As a family business, set up by our Chairman in 1982, we feel it is our duty to treat our customers like they are family.

    We have built a hard earned reputation on nurturing longstanding successful relationships with trade partners and customers alike.

    With a wide range of products and services available, whether its die cut boxes, high quality printing, packaging design or long life boxes, we are able to deliver quality corrugated cardboard products across the UK and into mainland Europe.

    We love manufacturing and distributing corrugated cardboard so much that we produced over 69 million boxes in 2017 alone!

    Who is the best corrugated cardboard manufacturer?

    When trying to find a good corrugated cardboard manufacturer, asking a few key questions like the ones below will enable you to judge clearly whether they are right for your business.

    1. Do they pick up the phones?

    At Caps Cases, you are welcome to call our dedicated team at any working hour. We will be there at every step to ensure you have all the information you need when choosing a corrugated cardboard manufacturer.

    2. Do they do more than manufacture?

    We have a dedicated design team that will not only help your packaging dreams come to fruition but will advise you on what designs will be optimum for your product, based on years of experience.

    3. What else can they do for me?

    We are constantly innovating at Caps Cases. Whether it’s importing new machinery, training our staff or utilising new software, we are proud of our hunger to grow and provide the best service possible to our customers.

    To find out more about our unique products, visit our website at www.capscases.co.uk/products or call us on 01638 667326.

    29th June 2018

    What is Corrugated Cardboard?

    29th June 2018

    What is Corrugated Cardboard?

    What is Corrugated Cardboard?


    Corrugated cardboard is a lightweight, durable and versatile material that can be used for a range of packaging solutions.

    Often made using recycled materials, corrugated cardboard offers an environmentally friendly and practical way to protect and deliver products around the world.

    Almost every cardboard box you see, is made from corrugated cardboard sheets.

    How is Corrugated Cardboard Made?

    Corrugated cardboard is made up of timber or recycled materials that occur from the waste lumber mills produce when cutting timber. These materials then get processed into a pulp like substance that is then pushed through a large automated machine to create a sheet.

    Once the sheets are made, they are rolled up and sent to the corrugator. In the corrugator, the cardboard sheets get heated, pressed, glued and cut into large box blanks that are moved on for printing.

    Why is Corrugated Cardboard So Strong?

    Corrugated cardboard gets it’s strength from it’s internal structure. A standard piece of corrugated cardboard is made up of two sheets, called liners and an internal wavy structure called a flute. The flute arches provide great strength and handy insulation, by letting air pass through the liners.

    The combination of the liners and flute is called a board.

    For greater strength and durability, the boards can be doubled or in some cases tripled to provide a sturdier structure. Depending on what your requirement is, corrugated cardboard can be produced in a variety of forms to offer different levels of bending resistance, durability and robustness.

    Caps Cases Ltd are a family run business that offer quality corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturing around the UK. We would love to answer your questions, so please do get in touch with us at sales@capscases.co.uk.

    13th March 2018

    When Three Sites Become Two

    13th March 2018

    When Three Sites Become Two

    We’re pleased to announce that our Hoddesdon site has recently been merged into our newly-extended Newmarket site, giving us 20% more production space to cope with the massive increase in demand we’ve seen since 2013, and creating 10 new jobs in the process.

    This decision brings a host of benefits to our customers, including improved efficiency and flexibility, reduced production lead times, and linked deliveries.

    “It’s a credit to our team that the relocation went smoothly,” said Caps Cases Managing Director Trevor Bissett. “Our customers’ planned deliveries remain unaffected by our move, and as one of the UK’s largest corrugated packaging manufacturers, we look forward to being able to provide a bigger and better service with our new improved production space.”

    13th December 2017

    A sweet packaging solution

    13th December 2017

    A sweet packaging solution

    Heavenly Sweets who are an experienced and fast growing confectionery retailer came to us with the requirement for a packaging solution for their e-commerce confectionery business.

    Prior to this, they were using a plain box solution with an additional sticker for their branding.

     Not only did the new solution need to be high-quality, self-locking and promote their brand effectively, it also needed to be compact enough to fit through a letterbox – according to IMRG, the most common reasons for a failed delivery are no-one being at home, and the item being too big to fit through the letterbox.

    And as failed deliveries cost organisations over £1 billion in 2016, a company that can avoid this is one that makes their packaging work hard, and saves their customers time in retrieving their goods.

     We are well-practised at creating letterbox-friendly packaging, so we could advise on the exact dimensions and board grade to make the most of their branding, but still be easily posted through their customers’ doors.

     The sweetest solution all round.

    5th December 2017

    Introducing Caps Cases Innovation Workshop

    5th December 2017

    Introducing Caps Cases Innovation Workshop

    If you don’t think your packaging is performing as well as it could, book a free, no-obligation assessment with Caps Cases and discover how we can make your packaging work harder for you and your brand.

    You’ll meet face-to-face with one of our expert Innovation Consultants, who will assess your existing packaging and advise on improvements we could make, including:

    • Crash lock bases for quick assembly
    • Reducing board grade
    • New printing techniques
    • Extra features such as zipper rule and ripper tape

    Do you want to discover how you could drastically improve your packaging in a free 40-minute appointment?…..Of course you do!

    Just speak to our sales team on 01638 667326 or email sales@capscases.co.uk and they’ll do the rest.

    5th December 2017

    Multiplying our divisions

    5th December 2017

    Multiplying our divisions

    We are one of the biggest UK producers of cardboard divisions for safely transporting fragile bottles and other items. In fact, we made over 5 million of them last year – mainly for the Scottish wine and spirit industry.


    But just because they work hard keeping your bottles in one piece, doesn’t mean they can’t look good too – we can now offer high-quality flexo three-colour printing, so the inside of your packaging can look as good as the outside.


    As well as high-quality printing, we recently invested in a bespoke division stacking system, so we can speed up the manufacturing process of our divisions without compromising on the quality. It’s already helped increase our average run speed by 50%.


    To find out more about our speedy, high-quality corrugated division manufacturing, give our team a call on 01638 667326 or email sales@capscases.co.uk.


    5th December 2017

    Ginnovation in packaging

    5th December 2017

    Ginnovation in packaging

    We’re constantly investing in new technologies and coming up with new ideas to push the boundaries of what we can offer our customers.


    One of our most recent successes was a bespoke corrugated gift pack with a difference for The Edinburgh Gin Distillery.


    Thanks to our recent investment in a new digital printer, we have now added printing on textured substrates to our repertoire. For this project, we worked with one of our key Scottish partners and digitally printed a glossy raised logo onto textured corrugated cardboard to create a high-end gift pack displaying gin bottles. Our client is delighted with the result – as are we.


    How’s that for ginspiration?


    As well as digital printing, we can also offer bespoke technologies like division stacking systems – and with our team’s heads overflowing with ideas, there are no limits to the packaging we can create.


    Find out for yourself – just ring our friendly team on 01638 667326 or email sales@capscases.co.uk.


    11th August 2017

    Family Fun Day

    11th August 2017

    Family Fun Day

    Caps Cases Family Fun Day is a FREE ENTRY event with free entertainment for all ages. Held at Burwell Cricket Club, CB25 0AR.

    We have bouncy castles for children and adults. Fancy a game of rounders? Have a training session in the cricket nets. Why not get a team together for a match of Zorb Football?

    See if you can Beat The Goalie or test your strength and skill in our Fairground games.

    We also have a range of local traders selling some amazing products for all price ranges. (We still have pitches available – if you are interested in having a stall please contact sarah@capscases.co.uk)

    There will be food and drinks on sale along with the compulsory candy floss and popcorn!

    Bring the whole family along for a day of fun!

    8th August 2017

    Caps Cases gears up for Christmas

    8th August 2017

    Caps Cases gears up for Christmas

    Caps Cases gears up for Christmas

    Turkey and Goose Boxes now ready for production

    Did somebody blink….

    It only seems like yesterday that turkey and goose boxes were flying (excuse the pun) out of the factory gates.

    Yes, the Christmas period is a time Caps Cases tours the country delivering turkey and goose boxes to all the very best producers of British turkey and geese.

    For 10 years Caps Cases has worked tirelessly with the farming community to produce an end product that is top of the range with print quality to match.

    • Bespoke print design service
    • Digital print offering for small runs for farmers who want to promote their produce
    • Easy design construction to ensure the production line keeps flowing
    • Constant investigation and trials of materials to remain competitive in the market place but not to compromise on quality
    • No quantity too small or too large


    We know the Christmas market period is a short but crucial window for all our turkey/goose producers so we at Caps Cases all work hard to liaise with all the farmers to ensure their boxes are delivered at a time to suit their eviscerating and packing schedule.

    Caps Cases are here to assist you in getting your product to market.

    So, let’s talk turkey!  Get in touch to discuss your bespoke requirements.


    Contact Michelle Costello


    Mobile 07870 815148



    26th July 2017

    Amen to Caps’ quick turnaround

    26th July 2017

    Amen to Caps’ quick turnaround

    Caps Cases is pleased to share its newest creation – a cardboard point of sale display (POS display) unit to display stone samples for Amen Corporation – an Ipswich-based company that imports stone for use in construction. This unit’s purpose was to promote Geebombaa, Amen’s online portal for B2B stone products and construction needs.

    The structural design team at Caps were given the added challenge of designing the cardboard counter display to accommodate two different sizes of stone samples.

    Befitting the nature of the product, Caps’ repro team designed an eye-catching brickwork background that was digitally printed, along with the customer’s chosen branding and artwork, and the cardboard POS display was cut out on their state-of-the-art Zund cutter.

    The response was anything but stony-faced silence. To the customer’s delight, Caps’ teams managed to design, print, cut and assemble a fully completed, bespoke cardboard display unit in just two weeks following receipt of the original brief. We’ll say ‘Amen’ to that!

    If you have a requirement for digitally printed cardboard POS displays – however heavy the product – speak to a member of the Caps Cases sales team on 01638 667326 or complete this form, and we’ll see how we can help.

    For more information about Amen Corporation and Geebombaa, visit http://amengroups.eu/ or www.geebombaa.com.

    Read more about Caps Cases digital print and ecommerce abilities:

    Corrugated cardboard cut-out suits Caps Cases skills to a tee

    Pillars Brewery all boxed up for ‘canpaign’ launch

    Customer feedback from Jack Sealey Ltd

    4th July 2017

    A Triathlon for Trevor

    4th July 2017

    A Triathlon for Trevor

    Over the weekend of 17th June, Managing Director Trevor Bissett subjected himself to – we mean took part in – the Celtman, an extreme triathlon based in the stunning Scottish Highlands.

    Participants in the Celtman could look forward to a 3.4km swim through the cold, deep, jellyfish-infested Atlantic waters of Loch Shieldaig – which on the day measured a brisk 11oC.

    This was immediately followed by 204km of cycling through scenic – albeit windy – Highland roads, with a total climb of 2000m, followed by a 36km run through an ancient drover’s pass and across the Benn Eighe mountain range. As if not challenging enough, Trevor and his fellow triathletes were treated to driving rain and winds of over 40mph.

    Trevor was admirably supported by his wife Nicky and daughter Mae, who led a well-oiled support team that kept him fed and watered for a full eight hours. During the run leg, he also found support from Karin, an international triathlete who had travelled all the way from The Netherlands to provide support.

    Having finished in 55th place with a very impressive time of 13 hours and 42 minutes, we would all like to congratulate Trevor on his incredible achievement. (He still can’t convince any of the team to join him next year, though!)

    Trevor would like to extend his thanks to the Celtman’s organisers and supporters who helped him get around the course successfully, as well as the locals in Torridon who provided a much-needed, carbohydrate-loaded, post-race macaroni cheese and lasagne buffet, and race sponsor Stewart Brewing, whose post-race beer was just as necessary.

    You can find out more about the Celtman triathlon at www.cxtri.com. You can find out more about great packaging solutions from Caps Cases by calling 01638 667326.

    29th June 2017

    Corrugated Cardboard Cut-Out Suits Caps Cases Skills to a Tee

    29th June 2017

    Corrugated Cardboard Cut-Out Suits Caps Cases Skills to a Tee

    As a leading corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturer in the area, Caps Cases is asked to turn its hand to one-off items made from cardboard materials that require some serious printing and cutting technology and techniques. This month, the challenge was a larger than life cardboard cut-out of Joe Miller, the 2010 and 2016 World long Drive Champion, to accompany him at a corporate golf day hosted by Hilton Foods at Hanbury Manor.

    The overall brief was to make the cut-out as true to life as possible, including the scuff marks on Joe’s golf bag. Hilton Foods are familiar with Caps Cases attention to detail and quality – and also in its recent state-of-the-art printing technology investments that would enable the production of such a fine piece of work.

    If you have a detailed, complex or business requirement for cardboard packaging, Point of Sale (POS), digitally printed display – even famous sports personality cut-outs – speak to a member of the Caps Cases sales team on Tel: 01638 667326 or complete this form with details of your requirement to see what we can do for you.

    Learn more about our customer technology investments:

    Caps Cases Investment in Scottish plant reaps rewards for customers

    Caps Cases box-making just got even better !

    New Addition to Caps Cases Digital Cutting Capability Makes The News

    1st June 2017

    How do you like your eggs ?

    1st June 2017

    How do you like your eggs ?

    At Caps Cases we pride ourselves on quality products and quality service – we aim to deliver on time, in time and we have built up a £multi million corrugated packaging business doing just that.

    Another thing we pride ourselves on is helping our community whenever we can. In 2016 we supported a Three Peaks Challenge, a Paris to Nice charity cycle and several projects for local schools, charities and hospitals. Our latest challenge from a school last month was to create some egg-cellent costumes for the children of St Thomas More School in Saffron Walden to decorate and then “hatch out” of as a part of their new life assembly. I am sure you will agree that they turned out “smashingly” !

    Caps Cases combines family business values with up to date product technology. Our bespoke cardboard packaging business spans 3 sites across the UK – Newmarket, Hoddesdon and Glasgow. Our multi million turnover makes us one of the largest independent sheet plant businesses in our industry in the UK. The quality of our packaging – and our egg costumes – is reflected in our outstanding quality accreditations.

    For a personalised quote for e-commerce packaging, POS displays, die-cut cardboard boxes please click here.

    20th June 2017

    Caps Cases Investment in Scottish plant reaps rewards for customers

    20th June 2017

    Caps Cases Investment in Scottish plant reaps rewards for customers

    The latest addition to the Caps Cases fleet of high quality printers is now fully operational at Baillieston site, Glasgow, Scotland.

    Caps Cases, trusted manufacturer of high quality corrugated packaging, has invested in technology to further broaden its packaging portfolio to the Scottish market. The TCY casemaker, with full rotary die cut capabilities is operational and further improving Caps Cases capacity for high quality print work across the entire group (other sites include Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire and Head Office in Newmarket, Suffolk). The introduction of the flexographic printer means faster turnaround times across the group, less material wastage, and reduced lead times. “We can now deliver high quality printed packaging quicker and more efficiently”, says Trevor Bissett, Caps Cases Managing Director.

    The main technical features & benefits of the TCY Casemaker are:

    • 3 colour high quality flexographic printer
    • In line rotary die cutting
    • In line gluing
    • High speed production

    Caps Cases Baillieston corrugated sheet plant is geared up to deliver the following products across Scotland and the north of England: high quality Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP); printed and plain regular transit carton boxes; printed die cut packaging and printed trays; corrugated and solid board divisions.

    Related Investment Stories for Caps Cases:





    8th May 2017

    Delivering Happiness with a Happiness Box

    8th May 2017

    Delivering Happiness with a Happiness Box

    Slated Row School in Milton Keynes is a community special school for children and young people aged 4 to 19. They cater for 182 pupils with moderate to complex special educational needs. Caps Cases were asked if we could make these special boxes & Trevor Bissett very kindly agreed to produce them free of charge.

    When asked what the boxes were for the school replied with the following:

    “Sixth Form students have enjoyed decorating the boxes, they chose their own pictures and drawings to decorate them. They are able to put their own objects / photos / pictures in the box to look at, which can help them to calm down. Other students have brought favourite things from home that make them feel happy. These are things like a favourite toy, a favourite photo of them with their family, pencils, stickers etc. We are also going to develop this further and add visuals of things they might like to do to make them feel happy. For example, one pupil likes joining in with ‘Boom Chikka Boom’, another likes playing with the lego. These things make them happy so we will have a photo of this activity in their box. They have all decorated their boxes with paints and collage bits to make them look individual and special.”

    Dear Mr Lochhead,

    On behalf of the students and staff at Slated Row School, we want to say a massive Thank You for the Happiness Boxes!

    With kind regards, Slated Row School

    20th April 2017

    @PillarsBrewery – all boxed up for CANpaign launch

    20th April 2017

    @PillarsBrewery – all boxed up for CANpaign launch

    Caps Cases, UK based craft beer packaging specialists, recently completed a project for a very untraditional – and slightly local – brewery to our Newmarket corrugated cardboard manufacturing factory.  Pillars Brewery wanted boxes at short notice for their CANpaign Launch at the start of the month.  These boxes were turned round very quickly by Caps Cases – in just 8 working days from the order, in fact – and that included some consultation on how best to display their fantastic artwork onto the box and keep the continuity of the print.  The boxes were flexo printed on our high quality TCY flexo printer and then die-cut on in one pass on our Klett 2.0 Case-maker Machine to give the best finish.

    For more information on @PillarsBrewery, visit their website at http://www.pillarsbrewery.com/the-story/.  They are born and bred in Walthamstow with stockists of their craft beer in Brighton, Leamington Spa and many locations in and around London.

    Caps Cases – Trusted provider of bespoke corrugated craft beer packaging. Contact us by email sales@capscases.co.uk or phone 01638 667326 we’d love to hear from you.

    6th April 2017

    Customer Feedback – Jack Sealey Ltd – ECommerce Packaging

    6th April 2017

    Customer Feedback – Jack Sealey Ltd – ECommerce Packaging

    “Just to say I received my A4 box with a hardback catalogue, A5 catalogue and price list etc. in the post yesterday and it looks fantastic ! It looks good before you open it but when you open it it’s even better and the thought that went into the presentation certainly shows. The print is nice and bold – very striking. Importantly, we achieved our aim of making it so that the box didn’t get damaged or dirty in transit – it looks almost completely undamaged, the only hint of dirt is on the white lettering on the front. The courier label has been applied nice and straight. Couldn’t be any happier with it – well done everyone! I have it in my office if you want to see it.”

    Jack Sealey Ltd

    High Praise indeed for Caps Cases – Trusted provider of bespoke corrugated ecommerce packaging.

    Contact us by email sales@capscases.co.uk or phone 01638 667326 we’d love to hear from you.

    26th March 2017

    Case Study – Heidi Feathers ECommerce Packaging

    26th March 2017

    Case Study – Heidi Feathers ECommerce Packaging

    Account Manager Hannah Ayers

    “Zoe, from Heidi Feathers, approached us back in 2015 as an established business looking for innovative packing which would be eye catching to the customer but would also transport her products safely. She already had a beautiful design in mind for the print and after discussing and sampling a couple of design options for the box itself, Zoe felt this style case worked best to accentuate the print and also to provide protection in transit.”

    Testimony from Zoe Fenton-Owner

    “Caps Cases have been very easy to deal with and helpful on creating the correct box design. We feel packaging is very important in creating a positive experience for customers buying from us.”


    On a recent order for Heidi Feathers, where meeting delivery times was crucial, Caps Cases were able to offer a quick turnaround on a batch of digitally printed boxes using the existing artwork which were CAD cut on our Zund D3 digital cutting table.

    Caps Cases – Trusted provider of bespoke corrugated ecommerce packaging.

    Contact us by email sales@capscases.co.uk or phone 01638 667326 we’d love to hear from you.

    16th March 2017

    Caps Cases box-making just got even better !

    16th March 2017

    Caps Cases box-making just got even better !

    Box partitions are a key part of our cardboard packaging product range – you know, the cardboard divisions that separate your wine, whisky and cosmetic bottles when they are boxed up – Caps Cases are known for our expertise in making these partitions … in their millions (over 5 million in 2016) !

    In a bid to speed up the manufacturing process – without any impact on quality, we have recently invested in a bespoke Division stacking system – designed to enable us to retain our ability to provide a competitive and reliable service to our customer base.

    Our new Division stacking system is working really well – the belt driven counter collector has already increased our average run speed by up to 50% !!!

    Caps Cases – Trusted provider of bespoke corrugated packaging.

    Contact us by email sales@capscases.co.uk or phone 01638667326 we’d love to hear from you.

    6th March 2017

    Bring your brand to life….Without spending the earth

    6th March 2017

    Bring your brand to life….Without spending the earth

    Cardboard POS for Merchandising Display

    Cardboard PoS (Point of Sale) Display from Caps Cases

    Caps Cases provide boxes and packaging for all your merchandising needs. With a skilled team of experienced corrugated structural designers in house, and an impressive back catalogue, we can quickly turn your ideas into reality. Caps Cases is now producing high quality digitally printed point of sale work, following the installation of our digital printer in early July 2016.

    Retail Packaging Portfolio

    Our Purpose built Digital factory can create Retail ready PoS (Point of Sale), PoP (Point of Purchase), Cardboard Floor stands (FSDUs), Off Fixture Displays (OFDs), Dump bins, Counter Top Displays units (CDUs), In-store Pallet size display bins, Standees and any other kind of Retail Display Packaging you can dream of !

    In-house Digital Printing

    Digital print is finished on our super-fast Zund CAD Cutter, which enables us to produce bespoke corrugated cardboard PoS packaging displays without costly cutting tools or printing plates.

    Case of wine for POS display in cardboardFullfillment

    Uniquely, Caps Cases can Pre-fill Display your merchandising units with your product and deliver straight to the retailer. Alternatively we can collate and Flat Pack displays and produce clear and concise assembly instructions if this is your preference.

    Trusted provider of bespoke corrugated PoS and PoP

    We are now able to offer a full design, sampling, production and fulfilment service for floor standing display units (FSDU’s) and counter display units (CDU’s), with no tooling charges for artwork set up.

    Please contact our sales team with your POS enquiries on 01638 667326 or sales@capscases.co.uk.

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